114th Aviation Company
"Knights of the Air"

Vietnam 1963 - 1972

Photo, Vinh Long Front Gate 1964
Photo provided by George Young, "Knight 6" 1964

The "Knights of the Air" consisted of four combat ready flight platoons. The White Knights, Red Knights, 114th AHC Logo Cobra's and Lancers who were in operation only in 1966-1967. In addition, there was The Gold Knight "The Commander" and our Blue Knights "Road Service". 

The company was based at Vinh Long Air Field, Republic of South Vietnam from May 1963 to February 1972. During the nine years in Vietnam, the 114th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) participated in 16 combat campaigns and was presented with 8 unit citations. 

After departing the Republic of South Vietnam in February 1972, the 114th Aviation Company was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone where it served with distinction. The 114th was deactivated at Fort Clayton, Panama Canal Zone in October 1987. 

This site is dedicated to those "KNIGHTS", both Pilots and Crewmen, who did not return home.


1st Aviation Brigade
"First to Arrive"

1st Avn Patch/Vietnam Wall
"Last to Leave"

114th Aviation Company Association

Key Personnel

National Director..... Joe Stogner
Deputy National Director..... Jeff Carr
Senior Member at Large..... Gene Boyle
Junior Member at Large..... 
Secretary..... Jim Wilson
Treasurer..... Robert Brown
Database Manager.... Jim Haslitt
Printer/Dispatcher..... Peter Anderson
Membership Chairman..... 
Unit Historian..... Joe Stogner
Nominating Committee Chairman..... Mel Patterson
Site Webmaster..... Terry Dell
Unit Quartermaster..... Jeff Carr
Vet’s Affairs Coordinator.....
Reunion Committee Chairman..... 
Joe Stogner
Reunion Site Coordinator..... Gene Boyle
Reunion Plans Coordinator..... 
J.P. Landahl
Knight Newsletter Editor..... May Jones

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"114th Association Items of Interest"

Life Memberships have been lowered to
$125.00 from $185.00. Join for Life Now! Or pay your normal $20 annual dues for life... Your choice!

Either way, send your checks now to:
Bob Brown
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Volume 1

As the newly formed Aviation companies arrived in Vietnam, their AO's and call signs were confirmed. To foster Esprit de corps, young aviators set about designing unit pocket patches. Their boundless imaginations and the skillful Vietnamese artisans, leave us a colorful, tangible, legacy, of that unique conflict.

"Prior to CONUS departure the Company and platoons selected call signs for use in Vietnam. Thanks to Captain Cliff Ohlenburger and his Alma Mater, St. Marys University San Antonio, Texas (The Rattlers) the Rattler call sign for the Company was chosen. Major Henderson's wife, Ramona, gets credit for the Firebird call sign (from Stravinsky's ballet). Captain Ohlenburger designed the Rattler emblem/patch for the Company and the Firebird for the gunship platoon. Captain Marvin Schwem originated the Esquire patch for the 1st lift platoon, Captain Jesse James the Phantom patch for the 2nd, Captain Ray Young the Snake Doctor patch, and Major Thomas E. Connell/Captain Billy W. Taylor the patch for the 151st Transportation Detachment."

Volume 2


Volume 3

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 Saturday, February 05, 2022 8:58 AM
 Vietnam Keepsakes - Volume 4

Hello Gentlemen,  
I trust the first few weeks of 2022, are treating you well. Please see below, the link to my latest volume.
Please also see my new and only email address, which I had to change due to a home move.
However, my old ISP cut me off a month early, (1st Nov) and has failed to enable the closed mailbox function. Thus, any non-response after that date, is not due to the reason of ignorance.

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Volume 4

Copyright: Every contributor, kindly deems their images and wordings, as 'fair usage' public domain. Feel free to download and or print, for personal use. If republished, kindly acknowledge the contributors details, where they are noted ... 

 YouTube Movie for Evan Pinther just discovered,
find it at White Knights Photo's / Photo Album.

114th Aviation Company Scholarship Program  

The Association members at the Omaha Reunion business meeting in September, authorized the association to fund a perpetual $1,000 per year scholarship program in the name of the 114th Aviation Association Company with the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA). Funding has been sent to AAAA, which will allow the first award to be given out in the Spring. The deadline for applying for a scholarship is December 15th 2021.

Who can apply:

 Family members, including spouses, children, grandchildren, and siblings of Life members, current active members of the 114th Aviation Company Association and Vietnam Veterans that were killed while serving in Vietnam with the 114th Assault Helicopter Company are included.

Application process:

 The applicant will log on to the AAAA web site (www.Quad-A.org) and under “join” check student and join AAAA (cost $15.00). The applicant will then receive a member number, which is required in the application process. Next, the applicant will click on scholarship then apply to start the pre-qualification process. From this point on, the web site has clear instructions to the applicant as to what is required. It is suggested the parents of the applicants become familiar with the requirements.

If more than one family member is intending to apply for a scholarship, the association member can help them save money by joining the AAAA and allowing each of the members to use his membership number. There is no limit as to the number of family members that can use this number. The cost to the member is $26.00.


 Applicants can start the pre-qualification process in January 2020, and must complete the full application by May 1, 2020. Please coordinate with family members, if there is going to be more then one so the member, if they want, can join AAAA and have a member number before the family member starts the process.

 Applicants should start the process early in the coming year, as there will probably be over 600 applicants from all AAAA affiliates around the world and late entries may not have time to process.

The National Director will appoint an individual who will coordinate with the AAAA scholarship director to screen all applications to assure that the sponsor will qualify as a member of the association.

This is a very competitive program, but be aware that every applicant has the possibility of scoring high enough to be awarded a scholarship higher than $1,000.

If there are any questions about the program Paul Gail will be happy to give or get the answers for you. You can contact him at 1-703-625-4253. Please leave a message as he gets between 5 and 50 spam calls a day and probably won’t recognize your number.  

Please note that the deadline for the full application is May 1, 2020. The earlier an application is submitted, the sooner it can be processed. Remember that it may take AAAA some time to process your membership.  

2019 National Vietnam War Veterans Day


On behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans we are deeply honored to serve, I want to say thank you to our country’s more than six-and-a-half million living Vietnam Veterans and their families. -
29 Mar 2019

A wonderful tribute to the service 
& sacrifice of Vietnam veterans

Vietnam Veterans 50th Anniversary video 
narrated by Sam Elliott. 4 minutes 48 seconds.
Hard to believe............. already 50 Years.



Welcome Home!
Vietnam Vet Radio
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Vietnam Vet Radio is an internet only non-profit radio station dedicated to the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and their families and friends. With a few exceptions all the songs played are from the Vietnam War era. We also play the authentic jingles and public service announcements that were played on AFVN (American Forces Vietnam Network) Radio.

While Vietnam Vet Radio is neither political or religious it is most certainly a pro-America and pro-military radio station that acknowledges that we are a blessed people. No anti-war rhetoric or anti-war songs.

Please contact us with suggestions on how Vietnam Vet Radio can better serve you.

Bennie P. Blount
SFC, US Army, Retired
Chu Lai 1969, Long Binh 1970, Vung Tau 1971-72

Vietnam Radio: http://vietnamvetradio.com/


12/08/2016 02:09 PM EST

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced it now provides eligibility determinations for interment in a VA national cemetery prior to the time of need. Through the Pre-Need Determination of Eligibility Program, upon request, individuals can learn if they are eligible for burial or memorialization in a VA national cemetery.

Federal Benefits for Veterans, 
Dependents and Survivors

VA Handbook - Now Available

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide
Understand how Social Security disability works 
and how to calculate your benefits.

Guide to Disability Claims

~Agent Orange~

The U.S. military sprayed millions of gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides on trees and vegetation during the Vietnam War. Several decades later, concerns about the health effects from these chemicals continue. VA offers eligible Veterans a free Agent Orange Registry health exam for possible long-term health problems related to exposure.


Trace Atkins' emotional song about Arlington National Cemetery. This is truly a Magnificent song. Every veteran and non-veteran should hear this song...
Click here to hear View the video


** September 11, 2001 **

This is a must see short Movie! 
Make sure your sound is turned up and be prepared for some graphic images.  We commend the creator of this; it really gets the point across. Every American, every human, should see these short movies and remember what it was like that day...
In Memoriam…20 Years Today!
And to the Fire Fighters we lost that day...
9/11 Memorial Tribute to First Responders...



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