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A meeting was held on Saturday, August 2, 2003 of those interested in possible formation of an organization to supplement the 114th Aviation Company Association.  Attended by approximately 25 persons, primarily spouses, the meeting was led by Stanley Shipman.

Stanley gave a little history of the formation of the 114th Association, how it was designed as a veterans organization requiring most of the membership to be persons who had served with the 114th and units attached.  So the organization is finite and there are family members who think that the history of the organization should be carried on by family members, spouses, children, and grandchildren.

Many in attendance indicated that they had children who would be interested.  Sharon Owens made the motion to form some sort of auxiliary.  May Jones seconded.  Discussion followed in which some names were discussed since most indicated they did not want to call it an auxiliary.  Some ideas were Heritage Association of the 114th, Heritage and Legacy of Family and Friends of the 114th (Half of the 114th) but it was decided to determine a name at later date.  The motion was passed.  Stanley offered to be a point of contact for any who were interested in forming the group and who might help in the formation, StanShipman@prodigy.net

Attendees commented on how nice it was to see so many children and grandchildren.  It was suggested that activities be planned for children at future reunions.

Harriet Shipman explained about completing the cookbook.  She apologized that some recipes that had been submitted for the book were not included because she did not receive them.  If recipes are sent to her, she will work on a supplement that can be inserted in the books.  She was thanked for bringing the project to completion.

Introductions were made among the group, sharing information about where they were from and when their spouse served with the 114th.  This led to a sharing of stories about their experiences while their husbands served and in the years since.  The lack of acknowledgement for the service of the Vietnam Veterans and their families was discussed.  It was noted that All expressed gratitude for the friendships and support that the 114th Association provided their husbands and among the wives.  It was mentioned that there might be enough stories among the families to do another book.  It was suggested that everyone write down stories and bring back to the next reunion in two years.

All were encouraged to contact their congressmen about correcting the offset that occurs with those on disability and their social security.  Also, mentioned was benefits offered by the VA, especially for Vietnam veterans when it came to certain illnesses.  Others shared the problems their spouses had had with the VA hospitals.

The meeting was adjourned. 

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Open Letter to the Knights and Their Families

I was born when my Dad, Charles (Charlie) Shipman, was at Vinh Long. When I attended (actually worked at - helping my parents) the 114th Aviation Company Association Reunion in Columbia in 2001 it was interesting to hear about how my dad learned of my birth as he was flying out on a mission. I guess I feel a special bond to the organization and through my attendance I have a better idea of the sacrifices made for the sake of freedom. It was also an honor to meet George Young and, even though he was in poor health, to see the kind of respect he has earned from those who served with him.

At this last reunion in Washington it was moving to attend the service for George at Arlington and the Company memorial service at The Wall. It was also interesting to hear about the exploits of the 114th in Panama and learn more about the Company's involvement in Vietnam. I am so exited about this group that I am becoming an Associate Member.

Also during the Washington reunion, I attended the 114th Auxiliary meeting. I did this after discussions with my Dad about the possibility of formalizing the Auxiliary Group (to include children and grandchildren) to help insure that the memory of the 114th lives on. The idea caught on with the Ladies at the meeting, which culminated with a unanimous vote to formulize the Auxiliary.

There are many thoughts on how to do this, but first and foremost, this group must "piggyback" off of the 114th Aviation Association. So, I am writing this article to generate ideas and interest. We need the involvement and ideas of Active and Lifetime Members and, of course, we need interest from the kids and grandkids of those who served in the 114th.

Those who are interested in helping preserve the legacy and heritage of the 114th Aviation Company, those interested in ensuring that the memory of the leaders and heroes live on, and those who want to see to it that the multi-faceted role of the Company through the years is not forgotten, please contact me. I may be reached at StanShipman@prodigy.net

Stan Shipman


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