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February 2017

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Dear Fellow Knights;

 I was just sitting down to compose this when I got an email from Bob Brown that he had been notified that Bill Tulloch had passed away on December 13, 2016.  Later, on December 22, 2016 Charlie Stone also passed away.  We have lost quite a few of the original and first year men this year, and that makes it even more important for you to put the reunion at Enterprise, AL, September 13 Ė 17 on your calendar.

   It was fifty-three years ago last May that the 114th Aviation Company arrived at Vinh Long and began a service record that set the example for Army Aviation to follow.  The men who served in the company, and the support units who made it possible for the company to do its job, have every right to be proud of their service.  You stepped up and gave your all for your brother soldiers.  You pressed on when the going was tough and the enemy was trying their best to defeat you.  You have earned a WELL DONE, and the thanks from those you took into harmís way and brought home.

   So, letís try hard to gather together in 2017 to celebrate the ordinary men who did extraordinary jobs in a hot, humid, and dangerous environment.  Letís remember the 72 fellow Knights who did not return home to their family and friends, and letís remember our brothers who have passed from our midst over the years. 

   Bob Ayersí daughter Susan Fieder, had done a marvelous job putting together the reunion.  Details are elsewhere in the newsletter.  We have several interesting trips to Ft. Rucker; and you just pay for your meal.  So, start putting together your flight plans, Cobras will be available to escort you in, and the LZ is green.  Encourage you friends to attend and letís enjoy the fellowship of a great group of men.   

As Jeff Carr once said, ďThe older we get, the better we were.Ē   

Jim Haslitt
National Director

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