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October 2018

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Dear Fellow Knights;  

We are one year out from our reunion in Omaha, Nebraska September 4-8, 2019.  There is more in this newsletter about the events and the registration form.  Please put this on your calendar and join us.  There are several outstanding events and the company is awesome.  It will not be the same without you.

The Association is picking up the cost of busses for the events to help out. We are aware that for some of you this might be expensive, and we have made arrangements to assist.  We really want all to attend, so if you need any assistance please contact Jeff Carr at 253-255-4006 or northwestmtg@harbornet.com.

Seriously people, some of us are getting old and the opportunities to see our brothers are limited.  If you have never attended, you donít know what you are missing.  You might be the one we need to complete that old story of what happened when. 

Gene Boyle and I will make a presentation to the Memorial Board at Ft. Rucker in early September to have them approve our monument.  There are pictures on the last two pages in this newsletter.  The approval process takes up to 4 months and then we can have the monument created and installed.  Once we get approval we will schedule a memorial service to officially commemorate the memorial and will let you know the date. 

As Gene has researched the history of the 114th Aviation Company and attached units, he has shared with us the story of a unique unit in the history of Army aviation.  There are so many firsts you accomplished and so many various units were a part of that history.

The memorial recognizes the sacrifices of those whose names are on the back and also celebrates the success of an amazing group of men who came together to accomplish the task set before them.

Please try to join with us in Omaha as we enjoy our time together. 


Gene Boyle and I just returned from making the presentation to the lady who coordinates the memorial board at Ft. Rucker. She was very complimentary of the presentation Gene had put together and believes it should be approved. She told us it would take up to one month.

Jim Haslitt
National Director

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