114th Aviation Company  
Personnel Lost in Combat
Vietnam 1963-1972

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tomb

Unknown Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

The Wall had an important mission when dedicated in 1982: To help heal the wounds and honor Vietnam Veterans. The Wall also helped to heal the nation's wounds. Three decades later the mission continues with the Education Center at The Wall. This will honor America's Legacy of Service including those serving our nation today in the Armed Forces.

The url is: http://www.vvmf.org/



Indicates Photo Page


* Akana, Franklin Randolph Arakaki, Wayne Allen * Ballard, Carl Hershel
Barnes, William Edward * Bell, Marvin Vincent Bentson, Russell Dean

* Bergeron, Simeon Joseph A. * Beverly, Francis Marion * Bolton, Dennis Lewis
  * Boyd, William Demarr Brown, Steven Merle * Bryant, Johnny Leon
Butcher Jr., Gale W. * Cavanaugh, William Thomas Colvin, Paul Silvey
* Cook, Weyman Terry * Crawford, Stanley Wendel Davidson, Gerald Wayne
* Drake, John Peter Donaldson, Everette Leroy * Duncan, William Bradley 
Dunn, Ralph Allen Dupre, Norman Lee * Edwards Jr., Charles Harold 
* Flores, Douglas Foley,Thomas Harold Galambos, Joseph Gary
* Gauvin, Roger Edward Griffin, David Scott * Hanson, William H.  

* Head, Billy Ray  * Hereau, Danny Edward * Hickman, Steven Murdock  
      * Hiebert, John Michael Holguin, Frank John * Honaker, Ralph  
* Hosaka, Isaac Yoshiro  Hulsey, James Aubrey * Hunt, Samuel L.  

     * Jones, Clarence Lloyd * Jordan, Richard Kenneth * Keeter, Marvin Ross 
* Kieme, Bruce Douglas Kleppin, Kenneth Thomas  * MacDonald, Jerome James  
    * Miller Jr.,  Carl Socrates Miller, David Edward  Mosburg, Henry Lee  
* Murphy, Jerry Ray Nelson Jr., Hugh Reavis  * Pelch, Michael J. D.
  Phillips, Marvin Foster * Poole, Charles Burton Ragsdale, Robert Louis
Riley, Ernst Rupcic, Raymond Ellsworth  * Sabine IV, John Shaw  
    * Schuster, Daniel Carl * Scott, Kenneth DavidShannon, Kenneth Arthur  
* Shea, John Francis * Shimek, Albert Lawrence Slingerland, Gerald Howard  
* Strock, Charles FrederickTerry Jr., Frederick G. * Torres-Rivera, Rafael R.
Tucker, Charles Gilbert * Uebler Jr., Roy Nicholas  Upton, Carleton Webster 

* Vrba Jr., James Mathew  * Warren Jr., William Thomas Wilhelm, David Kenneth 
Wright, James PaigeWright Jr., Wyley

Special Request:

Photo's are needed of our Killed in Action. 
If you have a photo of any of them in Military Dress uniform, 
please contact or email your photos to the Webmaster


If you would like to visit the Vietnam Veterans Wall
and search for someone you knew or a relative.

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Created by Terry A. Dell, White Knight Crew-chief 69-70' Republic of Vietnam 
in association with members of the 114th Assault Helicopter Company
 who served May 1963 to February 1972.

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