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"But You Didn't"

I looked at you and smiled the other day
I thought you'd see me but you didn't
I said "I love you" and waited for what you would say
I thought you'd hear me but you didn't
I asked you to come outside and play ball with me
I thought you'd follow me but you didn't
I drew a picture just for you to see
I thought you'd save it but you didn't
I made a Fort for us back in the woods
I thought you'd camp with me but you didn't
I found some worms'n such for fishing if we could
I thought you'd want to go but you didn't
I needed you just to talk to, my thoughts to share
I thought you'd want to but you didn't
I told you about the game hoping you'd be there
I thought you'd surely come but you didn't
I asked you to share my youth with me
I thought you'd want to but you couldn't
My country called me to war,
you asked me to come home safely...
But I didn't.

Written by: Stan Gebhardt

This poem is not to say that you are bad parents.
It's just something I want to share with you as a friendly reminder
to Love and Cherish your children's existence in your lives...
No matter how old they may be.
"Express your love more often."

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Created by Terry A. Dell, White Knight Crewchief 69-70' Republic of Vietnam 
in association with members of the 114th Assault Helicopter Company
 who served May 1963 to February 1972.

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