114th Aviation Company
"Knights of the Air"

2003 Reunion ó Arlington, VA 
Wednesday, July 30th -- Monday August 4, 2003

The chosen site for the 2003 reunion is in the Washington, DC area at the DoubleTree Hotel in Crystal City, VA.  This is just across the Potomac River from the famous city and allows you quick access to any part of the historic sites within the city as well as the buildings that house the legislators that you elected to run this countryís government.

You will be able to re-live the past by visiting the Smithsonian Museum and its many and varied buildings. You can see your government officials at work doing what they do whatever they do. You can visit the largest outlet mall on the East Coast that is within one hourís drive from the hotel. You can view the Nationís Capital from the special reserved meeting room high a top of the hotel giving you a panoramic selection of virtually every part of the city both during the day and also at night seeing the lights glow around all the monuments. 

Special attention is being given to see that all attending will have the largest selection of tours, sites to visit, buildings to see, an attempt is being made for a special visit to the White House for all those wanting to see that famous structure and there may also be a cruise on the Potomac River which will include dinner and dancing. 

The Reunion Committee has committed to see that each of you have a great fun time while here. While you visit with your old friends and comrades, there will be times for fun and laughter. Each attendee will be participating in a fun auction with Knight Dollars in the form of coins being supplied for the bidding. Each shinny gold colored coin will have the 114th Aviation Company Association logo on one side and a number denomination on the other side. The total number of coins to be distributed will equal the number of $1,000,000 in Knight Dollars. You will be given a bag of these coins and will be given the opportunity to get additional coins by participating in various functions during the reunion. When the time comes for the auction, everyone will have an opportunity to view the items being placed up for bid and everyone will have plenty of coins to do the bidding. Donít be timid and bid with gusto and get what you want and have fun. 

The Golf Tournament is being scheduled to allow the many golfing enthusiasts the opportunity to be the best. It is planned that the participants will have a luncheon at noon and tee off at 1 pm. Prizes will be awarded for all types of achievements including for the golfer that looses the largest number of balls on the course. Mel Cook will be your host and he plans to see that you have a great time while here. He will give you the same special attention that he gave to President Clinton during his term in the office of President. You canít get it any better than that. 

If permitted, our regular memorial service will be held at the Vietnam Wall Memorial. There is no better setting for this service and no more solemn recognition of those fallen members than at the national site chosen to honor them. It is anticipated that even those who have shied away from this service in the past will not be able to pass up this special occasion.



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Created by Terry A. Dell, White Knight Crewchief 69-70' Republic of Vietnam 
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 who served May 1963 to February 1972.

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