114th Aviation Company Association, Inc.
Officer Nominating Information for 2001


Who Is Eligible to be Nominated?

Any active member of the Association is eligible to serve in any of the positions.

Any member that is nominated must also be ready, willing and able to serve in the nominated position.

Why Would You Want to Nominate Someone?

To recognize an outstanding performer.
To say “thank you” for a job exceptionally well done.
Because it shows respect for someone’s great talents.
Because you believe in demonstrating the 114th values.
To share in your pride in your member’s talents.

What Makes Someone an Outstanding Performer?

Consistently, over time, performs beyond just “doing my job”.
Does “extra” without being asked to help.
Initiates and creates improvements.
Willingly offers and helps members, shares knowledge, skills and talents with members.
Genuine interest in the 114th Aviation Association and continuing its goals and objectives

What Is the Selection Criteria?

The first and most important item to consider is that the individual is willing to serve in the capacity of the nomination. 
The organization has a short history now and, although there have been many milestones met, there are more to come. The member must be active, meaning that all dues must be current.

Leadership finds it self in many forms as each of us have witnessed in our military careers. It does not matter what station in life that an individual has occupied or what type of past they represent. What matters is that they have the willingness and desire to work in the nominated position and do the best job possible for the members during their term in office.

Who Do We Need and What Do They Do?

National Director: This is the CO of the outfit. When the job needs to be done, everyone looks ultimately to this person.

Deputy National Director: This is the XO and must keep in constant contact with the CO to maintain continuity of the operation of the Association. 

Senior Member at Large: This individual serves on the Executive Council and represents the Members for their point of view.

Junior Member at Large: This individual serves on the Executive Council and represents the Members for their point of view.

Secretary: This individual is the Admin Officer of the outfit. There must be one person that ties everything together and keeps the records. This is that person. 

When making your nomination, please check with your nominee as to whether the member is willing to serve before submitting the nomination. The Nominating Committee will confirm with the nominee before including the name on the ballot of candidates. It is important that you take time to make your selection now because the By-Laws prohibit nominations from the floor during the meeting. The Committee will prepare the ballot from your selections submitted for the election at the general meeting at the reunion. 


(Ballot Below)









Nominating Ballot
The Knights Officers
2001 — 2003 

I hereby nominate the following member Knights for their respective positions: 

National Director: ________________________________

Deputy National Director: _________________________

Senior Member at Large: __________________________

Junior Member at Large: __________________________

Secretary: ______________________________________

This form may be printed and submitted as your ballot. Please return your nominations not later than April 1, 2001 to:

J.P. Landahl
13210 Fitzwater Drive
Nokesville, VA 20181
Frank L. McChesney
34 Jenkens Road
Franklin, NJ 07416

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