114th Aviation Company
Reunion 2015
Nominating Ballot for 2015


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The time is upon us to identify Association members willing and able to serve as the Association leaders for the period between the '15 and '17 reunions.  

Your Nominating Committee, consisting of Dave Weiner, Bill Tulloch, and Charlie Brown ask you to pay particular attention to the needs of the Association and then to send your nominations to either of the addresses shown on the ballot.  

You can read "leaders” or "Slaves" and not be far astray.  We guarantee a heck of lot of work, no pay and more than a few problems, both individual and organizational.  We have no glory positions; only darn hard work and plenty of it.  As always, our "6" leads from the front.  In doing so he catches more flack, works harder and gets less thanks then the rest of us doing the "ash and trash" missions.   

This year, we will elect a National Director, Deputy National Director, Senior Member at large, Junior Member at large and Secretary.  

Our by-laws limit the Senior Member at Large and Junior Member at Large to two terms.  This year all positions are open to “Newbies” as well as the Senior Member at large who has served one term.  

The only other restriction is that nominees be General, Active Members.  An unofficial and equally important prerequisite is that the nominee be Ready, Willing and Able.  Therefore, your committee asks you to check with your nominee before submitting any name.  Be assured that your committee will confirm with the nominee before including the name on the slate of candidates.  

The Committee reminds the members that our constitution provides that there be no nominations from the floor.  If more than 3 names are nominated for a position, the committee will prepare the ballot on the basis of multiple nominations and year group.  Please return your ballot at your earliest convenience.

The Knights Officers
Class of 2015 -17

I wish to Nominate the following persons: 

 National Director

Deputy National Director

Senior Member at Large

Junior Member at Large



Please Mail Return not later than July 15, 2015  

David Weiner

Charlie Brown

Bill Tulloch

  619 Springhouse Rd.
Apt. C

 1745 W. Macada Road 
Apt 149

     124 Snyder Drive

  Allentown, Pa. 18104

     Bethlehem, Pa 18017

 Sweetwater, TN 37874







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